Check up

A little physical evaluation. Going to the doc in 10 days to do the evaluation that I DIDN’T get last fall because I coughed in the waiting room. Running went by the wayside right after Halloween. My body doesn’t handle the cold like it used to. “Back in the day” I’d run in chill factors down to 32 until December, then I’d lower that baseline 1 degree a day to 0 for January, then raise it again 1 degree a day starting in February back up to 32. That helped me ease into the Ohio winter without being silly. But my 60+ bod doesn’t handle the cold as well and since I’m doing it for “health” right now, not competition, I’ve set 32 as my threshold.

Weight started up about the same time. Went from 209 in September to 219 on Halloween. Have held steady at 219-222 ever since. Of course Thanksgiving, Christmas, butter cookies and football all make it difficult to “watch weight” from Halloween to mid-January anyway. But I’m back to walking 2 miles every other day or so. Won’t run until I notch a week under 220 as a favor to my knees. Gonna start mixing the Dare Bee Foundation work in as well. A little stretching and flexibility. Back to Hello Fresh as well after about a month off.

March will see a relocation back to Brice. Hopefully I’ll get my Soloflex back and reinstalled in “The Boiler Room” of my basement. Have a nice (if dated) treadmill I need to move from moms as well. Those three changes should eliminate a lot of the excuses and get me back under 215 by March. That means my running should be back to meaningful in the spring.

Way too much stationary time in the classroom. Dare Bee and paying attention to my “step alarm” should fix that. Resting BPM was 52 this time last year. It’s jumped to 54 this season. Hasn’t been 52 since July. I’m blaming not taking my AmLodipine. Solely my fault. Remedy that next week. Haven’t had a weekly sleep score of 90 since mid-September (start of school.) Been 88 and 89 since the holidays which portends a return to normalcy or what passes for same in these parts. And I’m getting 7 1/2 to 8 hours per night so that’s fine.

Next three months? Continued dietary prudence (sweet consumption is dropping, alcohol consumption monitored,) incremental increase in exercise frequency, duration and difficulty. Good to go by 63rd birthday?

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